Sensors play a prominent role in all aspects of life: from managing our households and operating our cars to measuring our environment, controlling our factories, capturing memories, and providing intelligence. Sensors provide the input that allows humans and machines to make decisions about reasonable actions.

This web site is dedicated to providing information and support for the SensorML (Sensor Model Language) international standard, as well as the other Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) standards. In particular, a major purpose of the site will be (1) to provide a location for defining sensor terms and semantics, (2) to support creating, editing, and maintaining of sensor ontologies, (3) to provide examples, and (4) to provide tutorials.

This site will provide a community-neutral location for defining sensor semantics. A major desire is to increase interoperability between often disparate sensor communities, to enable the movement of web-based sensors into the semantic web, and to support the development and implementation of web-based discovery and tasking of sensor systems and easy access to sensor observations and alerts.

A suite of tools will allow any sensor community to use this site to define sensor terms, map relationships between terms, and to reference these terms through resolvable hyperlinks. Such terms can include measureable properties (i.e. observables), as well as terms which help us characterize, quantify, and qualify sensors and related processing of sensor data. Please help us by submitting ontologies and by utilizing this site for your sensor needs.

This site is maintained by Botts Innovative Research, Inc, but is intended as a community-neutral site for sensors.